Paleo, Vegan “Twigs” Bars


Do you miss candy bars? Or maybe you want a whole food dessert that is reminiscent of an old favorite, you know, the ones with a shortbread cookie and a caramel layer dipped in chocolate.

At my house we call my version “Twigs” and the Mini-Foodies really enjoy them and I don’t worry about them eating their fair share because they are made from REAL food!

For the shortbread, I used my Paleo Graham Crackers. Score them into the shape you want the candy bars to be.

For the caramel layer, use a safe for you caramel. Here, I used an equal parts date & cashew caramel where the ingredients were soaked and then blended in the food processor. Top the shortbread with caramel.

Melt or make a safe for you chocolate and top the caramel layer. Alternatively, the candy bars can be dipped in the chocolate. While I really enjoy a well dipped candy, it is labor intensive and since we all enjoy rustic food in my home, I went with the rustic approach by using the topping method.


I want to thank my beautiful cousin Debora Anderson for taking the photo. Check her work out at “Debora Anderson Photography” on Facebook.


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