Avocado Deviled Eggs (Paleo)

Avocado Deviled Eggs (Paleo)

Deviled Eggs are so yummy, but what does a Corn Allergic do when there are no safe mayos and you just don’t want to make any? Replace it with avocado of course. And what a nutritionally dense and yummy treat these Guacamole or Green Deviled Eggs are!

5 hard boiled eggs
1 avocado
German Mustard
Sea salt

Boil eggs for 15 minutes. Drain hot water. Allow eggs to cool in room temperature water. Remove shells when cool. Cut each egg in half. Remove yolks & place in a bowl. Place whites on a plate or platter. Cut avocado in half & remove flesh placing it in bowl with egg yolks. Add desired amount of seasonings. Mash until incorporated. Dust a bit of salt, pepper & paprika on egg whites & fill with egg yolk mixture. Dust with paprika for presentation. Enjoy!


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