Protein Packed Ginger Hot Cacao (Paleo)


My Mini-Foodies are always ready to enjoy a hot cup of cacao no matter the weather and, as a confessed chocoholic and a professor who has taught several classes and workshops on theobroma cacao, how can I deny them the nutritious delight?

It is true that most hot chocolates on the market are void of nutrition and are filled with sugars and “food product”-style ingredients, so they are clearly not an option for Corn Allergics.

You will find thst I have several cacao beverages here, but this one is different because I have added gelatin for a protein boost as well as for its other nutritional benefits. This is a fabulous way to make a protein drink filled with flavor. Please feel free to tinker with the amounts of ginger and sweetness by adding or decreasing the former and / or omitting the latter. The recipe as is, is well sweetened so I do not recommend adding more dates.

1 1/2 cups homemade hemp milk or other safe milk
3-4 Tbsp gelatin (collagen hydrosylate)
3-4 pieces crystallized ginger
1 medjool date, pitted
1 1/2 – 2 Tbsp cacao powder

Place all ingredients in Blendtec*. Use  “Whole Juice” setting. Then use “Hot Soup” setting until desired temperature is reached.  Enjoy!

Note: *I recommend using a high speed blender so that the hot cacao is smooth. I don’t use a Vitamix, so if you do, please experiment with the settings & leave a note in the comments letting me & fellow readers who it went for you.


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