Corn-Free Nutritional Yeast


Nutritional yeast is an awesome addition to a corn allergic’s pantry.  More about that below. First let’s address why it may be problematic for us, then discuss solutions and end with recipes / ideas for use.

Why nutritional yeast is a problem
Most nutritional yeast on the market is fortified which means vitamins are added. Those of us in the corn free community know, or are learning, that most vitamins on the market are derived from corn and therefore a no-go.

Before I found a solution, which was no easy task, I used to use the fortified version and did not understand why a superfood was causing me such problems.

But one day I found 2 SOLUTIONS: Sari Foods and Foods Alive are unfortified nutritional yeast brands. Both can be found on Like many safe foods, these are pricey, but they are both tasty and add so many possibilities to our food options.

Ideas for use
“What are my options?”– you ask.


As seen in the picture above, KALE CHIPS! These are such a nutritious snack and so tasty that even choosy kiddos will enjoy them.  The best part is that you can customize your desired seasonings.


FAUX CHEESES Nutritional yeast is used in vegan cooking to replace cheese and since much of the cheese on the market in the US include corn or corn derivatives, this is great news for those of use who miss cheese sauce, Parmesan cheese, and mozzarella. Cheeck out my recipes for Cashew cheez crumbles/spread and Cashew cheese dip ( vegan paleo).


(My versions of these recipes coming soon).


Make your own Paleo, Vegan Stock Powder / All-Purpose Seasoning. Nutritional yeast adds a depth of flavor to homemade stock powder. (Recipe to my version coming soon).


Great addition to LACTATION COOKIES / VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE OATMEAL COOKIES for those who are gluten-free and need the extra boost. My version is enjoyed by the Mini-Foodies as well as my Foodie-in-Crime. (Recipe coming soon).




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