How to Host a Holiday Gathering when Guests Have Food Restrictions

A Whole Foods Blog post titled “The Accommodating Host: What to Do When You Have Guests with Special Diets” lays out 6 steps on how to have a holiday get-together with guests who have food restrictions.

Step 1 is to ask that in their RSVP guest alert the host of any dietary restriction so that the host may include them in their plans.

Step 2 suggests making “one dish that does double or triple duty.” Sounds easy enough especially with the vegetable risotto suggestion, but …

Step 3 is “Read labels closely on packaged goods”…those of us who are gluten sensitive and / or corn allergic know that this may not be enough because both gluten and corn can be hidden in unsuspecting places. What’s the solution?…

Step 4 on the list is to in fact “Place ingredient cards next to dishes”…please see my comments on Step 3 above…

Step 5 is “Take stock of your stock” which suggests using a vegan stock in your dishes. What if you are not a vegan or vegetarian and you have no idea where to buy or how to make such a stock?…

6 is “Pick up a few extra things” which suggests purchasing extra items such as “alternative flours” or “dairy-free subs”. What if you are on a budget?…

To read the entire article, check out our new page:


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