Creamed Spinach Potatoes

This is the first new 3 Ingredient Dish born in our temporary kitchen. The home that is new to us is a 200 year old colonial that had been gutted prior to our purchase. The kitchen was a room with gutted walls. My Foodie-in-Crime crafted a temporary sink with a little counter space and we have put together a temporary counter. The appliances we currently have remind me of a dorm setup, minus the mini fridge as we have not yet shipped our regular fridge. We have a hot-plate, a Blendtec, a food processor, a bread machine, a waffle maker and a mini doughnut maker. Other tools include a comal (cast iron tortilla pan), tortilla press limited pots and pans. We are also currently without a baking option.  I like to refer to the temporary kitchen as a “Glamping Kitchen” since we do have electricity and running water, but only a hot plate on which to cook. 

As you can imagine, this setup is a challenging one for a Corn-free Celiac, but I’ve never backed down from a culinary challenge and they have always led to creativity. And so the 3 Ingredient Dish in a Pot was born.

This first dish is a result of a trip to Trader Joe’s  (which is 1 hr 15 mins away from our homestead), limited ingredients and a fond memory of and Indian dish. I was concerned that the Mini-Foodies may not go for it, but was so pleasantly surprised when they indicated that they would like this to be a staple in our diet.

Creamed Spinach Potatoes

4 medium white potatoes, diced

1 lb frozen spinach

1 – 14 oz can coconut milk 

Sea salt, to taste 

 Place all ingredients in a pot. Add water to cover if needed. Cook on medium heat until potatoes are tender.


Add India spices and / or black pepper.

Serve with anchovies. 


Hash Brown Tuna Scramble

Hash Brown Tuna Scramble

In true Azorean style, I don’t usually follow let alone write down the exact details of savory or main dishes. Growing up, when my mom said “add a little bit of wine”, it usually meant add plenty as in a cup or more, but there were never exact measurements unless it was a new, unfamiliar dish being made. I therefore learned to cook my look, taste and memory as well as with terms such as “some of this” and “a little of that” and so on.

For this recipe, measurements will depend on the size of your potatoes as well as your pan.  I usually make this dish for two adults, two kids and a toddler to give you a frame of reference.

5-6 medium potatoes, shredded
2 cans of tuna
5-6 eggs, whisked
sea salt
desired seasonings

In a hot & oiled pan, cook shredded potatoes. When they are nearly done, add tuna. When tuna is warmed, add whisked eggs. Add salt, pepper & any other desired seasonings. Cook until eggs are slightly browned.


Hash Brown Tuna Scramble on GF, CF Tortilla topped with Avocado

Serving ideas: eat alone, on bread  as a sandwich, or on a tortilla over avocado